Debut Album ‘Blackened Pool’ out now.

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The Quietus - Album review:

Here lies Keto's most complete work to date, her eagerly anticipated debut album, Blackened Pool, released on the 29th October 2018.

Recorded in the eerily serene setting of the Outer Hebrides with support from the PRS Foundation, Blackened Pool is a collection of incredibly dark, minimalist songs, with dreamy backdrops. Detuned nylon string guitar and distinctive vocals recorded singularly on one mic form the bedrock of these tracks. Add, then, sparse piano, violin, electric guitars, swirling melodies, textures and percussion then listen as these songs rise and fall between the sublime, where bleakness and enduring hopefulness collide.

First single from the collection ‘Always’ is encapsulated in visual from with this beautiful animation by Daniel Smedley, video below.

Blackened Pool is available digitally and on vinyl after selling out on pre orders, with a limited number of LPs available at live dates in 2019.